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bcAdmin licensing

To use bcAdmin after the 30 day trial period is exceeded, you have to buy a license from us. To activate the full version, you get a license file in exchange from us.

Such a license file is coupled to a single computer using an internal serial number of the computer. The serial number is used to create a set of numbers via a hash function und generate the appropriate key for that hash value. The hash function is a one way algorithm, thus we can not recalculate the used serial number from the hash value and thus, we do not get any information of from computer. We use this method only to identify each indivdual Mac for licensing.

If oyu have bought bcAdmin from us, we will need this hash value from you to generate the key file. Such a hash value usually looks like -1571146110 - created by one of our own computers. The hash value is either displayed after 30 days of use or via the mneu bcAdmin - Request Registration.

If you dispose of your old computer, and get a new Mac, please make sure to remove the bcAdmin license before hand. We may request a prove of removal before handing out a new license file!