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Since December 2015 bcAnalyze 3 is the official successor of bcAnalyze 2.0. For systems running Mac OS X 10.9 or older the version 2.0 is the most current. We have compiled a complete site for bcAnalyze 3 light and pro. The following page is just a temporary legacy version for bcAnalyze 2.0.

bcAnalyze 2 Icon

bcAnalyze 2.0

Sonagrams, Oszillograms, Spectra. Manual analysis of bat calls. Now even more simple and fast.

are the main tool for manual call analysis. bcAnalyze 2 generates them with lightning speed, faster than other applications. So you can work fast.

for the special needs of manual call analysis. For example by selecting call by call when pressing the tab-key.

for the typical file formats that are used for recording bat calls. RAW, WAV or MP3 - no problem for bcAnalyze 2. Mono and Stereo support as well.

New features

Sonagram overview directly after opening a sound file. Sound can be played either in real time (time-delayed recordings) or 10 times slower for realtime recordings. An info view in the titlebar replaces the inspector of bcAnalyze 1.

bcAnalyze News Dokumentenfenster

The mean frequency for the current selection is displayed in the info view.

Anzeige der Hauptfrequenz der Selektion im Infobereich

Control sonagram display settings for each sonagram individually and create a spectrum from the selection in a sonagram.

Improved sonagram display

A new file browser allows to page through recordings in a folder. For raw and wave files a sonagram preview (maximum 2 seconds) is displayed immediately.

File browser