batcorder software update

The batcorder firmware gets developed continuously and we offer you updates that you can apply yourself. You need a SDHC card and your batcorder. Using detailed instructions that you can download here or from our support page (section FAQs) all necessary steps are explained in detail. Read the instructions on how to prepare the SDHC card for updating the batcorder. Your batcorder's current SW version is displayed at the batcorder startup screen. Do check this version before applying any updates to see if your batcorder can be updated that way! Some very early batcorder SW versions can not be updated with a SDHC card (see the following details)!

Short overview

The following prerequisites and steps are in detail explained in the linked PDF document, these are necessary to successfully update the batcorder. Please note, that batcorders with SW versions 00X are not able to update this way. Please contact us for details on how to obtain updates for these batcorders.

  • Read the instructions carefully
  • Check if prerequisites are met (attention with SW00X!)
  • Download the update file (links in the following sections)
  • Prepare the SDHC card
  • patch the batcorder

Make sure to use the appropriate update file corresponding to the batcorder version, thus 1.x, 2.x or 3.x.. Using another update file may render your batcorder useless or even destroy the hardware beyond repair!

Mini-batcorder 1.0 ONLY

  • Update to SW 104 M-BC_104
  • MD5 hash of file M-BC_104.BIN: 2fb02bb5cb5c134ab2f4a67be84f2878

Changes in SW 104

  • Battery-LED now correctly displays status directly after turning on
  • Battery-LED flashes when external USB power source is connected whiel the Mini is turned on
  • GPS search in stealth mode stops after 20 instad of 60 minutes

GSM-batcorder 1.0 ONLY

  • Update to SW 106 GSM1_106
  • MD5 hash of file GSM1_106.BIN: 4eca2f9f5f5bf1879e7b1d98fa8a5366

Changes in SW 106

  • You can now change the target phone number by sending an SMS from the new phone with content: GSM SEND ME SMS
  • Minimum temperatur in status SMS was not reseted daily
  • Voltage display was sometimes wrong
  • Noise filter was sometimes not set to maximum
  • Noise filter now features ON / OFF only
  • Noise filter setting per SMS is now done using "GSM SET NOISEFILTER" + ON/OFF

Changes in SW 105

  • Querying the settings by SMS will now send the device time as well
  • New submenu within autodetect allows setting the MCF, as well as toggling USB charging and "Missing power adaptor" SMS
  • A symbol now indicates if charger is connected but inactive (empty symbol)
  • SMS-query regarding battery status now gives a correct -.-- if no battery is connected

Changes in SW 104

  • The screen waiting for start time (yellow) now does not show voltage if no battery is connected.
  • When starting without battery no SMS sending is tried if no SIM card is installed
  • SD card size is now calculated correct
  • After sending a message the batcorder is immediately responsive again/li>
  • Noise filter value is now always stored
  • Negative temperatures are displayed correctly
  • AC-adaptor down message can be activated / deactivated sending a SMS with : GSM SET AC DOWN SMS OFON or GSM SET AC DOWN SMS OFF

Changes SW 102

  • Settings-SMS: Please send with leading zero if you want to set the noise filter: "GSM SET NOISEFILTER 01"
  • Optimization regarding sd-card error handling

Changes SW 101

  • Status entry in the logfile indicates USB yes / no regarding power supply via USB
  • SMS: free memory of 128GB cards is displayed correct now

ONLY batcorder 3.x

  • Update to SW 317 UPDAT317
  • MD5 hash of file UPDAT316.BIN: a4afad0c467e6690b339680b26e46fe5

Changes in SW 317

  • Corect display of charging status (internal battery)
  • Changing modes does omit sd card checks to speed up interface

Changes in SW 316

  • New entries regarding timer activation in logfile
  • Interface changes analoge to GSM-batcorder
  • Improved handling of SD cards formatted with Windows 10 or OS X 10.12+
  • Improved charging behaviour of the internal LiIonen-battery
  • Better roaming behaviour with Box/WKA 2.0 running SW2.05 or newer
  • Various smaller changes

Changes in SW 314

  • Resolved a communication problem with some extension boxes
  • Resolved when timer didn't start after a first start

Changes in SW 313

  • SMS from WKA/Box are not missing their ends anymore
  • Correct response per SMS if no battery is connected to the WTG extension
  • SMS sending is canceled after nine tries
  • Missing battery at WTG extension is now added to the logfile as entry
  • Smaller bugfixes

Changes in SW 312

  • Correct display of recording counts above 65535 in SMS
  • SMS contains battery voltage in SMS
  • Battery voltage displayed in logfile
  • Simulation of stop time using >-key
  • Notice when turning on if timer is active
  • Smaller bugfixes

Changes in SW 311

  • Recognition of SD cards with bad clock line
  • internal bug fixes

Changes in SW 308

  • Solves a problem when using old wind turbine extensions

Changes in SW 307

  • Various new features described in detail
  • Creation of folders
  • Additional TSL test
  • Switch Box/turbine mode of control module
  • Noise filter for turbine mode (FPGA-Update)

Changes in SW 306 - highly recommended for all users

  • resolved logfile error of FW305
  • Maximum display brightness increased
  • Display of free memory improved
  • Blue display color indicates recording for visual feedback
  • Detection if mic is connected and if not, timer is deactivated
  • SDCXC 64/128 GB support
  • compatibility for batcorder 3.1
  • various smaller improvements

Changes in SW 304 - recommended for all users

  • Timer-mode when stopped with REC is sending an SMS (WKA/Box)
  • Improved battery management
  • temperature is logged in 15 minute intervals in the logfile
  • Handling of various SD-card errors

Changes in SW 303

  • Improved detection of SDHC card errors and optimized recovery
  • Improved battery usage in auto-mode
  • Additional warnings per SMS using the wind turbine extension
  • Smaller other changes

Changes in SW 302

  • Older wind turbine extensions are recognized
  • Switching between internal/external battery improved
  • Internal and external battery have different indicators on screen

Make sure to use the appropriate update file corresponding to the batcorder version, thus 1.x, 2.x or 3.x.. Using another update file may render your batcorder useless or even destroy the hardware beyond repair!

batcorder 2.0

  • Update to SW 219 UPDAT219
  • MD5 hash of UPDAT219.BIN: 2e0e438363de40803a590e7a70587b8c

Changes SW 219 - for all users HIGHLY recommended

  • Handling of various SDHC card defects
  • Improved power management

Changes SW 218

  • Compatibility of batcorder 2.0 with new extensions (produced 2013)
  • smaller display errors solved
  • Improved stability of firmware updates with 32 GB cards
  • WKA/WBX: Delay between SMS sending was enlarged to 4 minute after an unsuccessful try.

Changes for SW 217 - for WTE/Box users HIGHLY recommended

  • Solved data loss when the card was full when used with Box/WTE extension
  • Solved hang in settings-screen when starting in AUTO+TIMER mode
  • Faster scanning of file table at start
  • Preliminary support for 64 GB SDXC cards
  • file creation time in file table is now per seconds
  • Smaller cosmetic changes

Changes for SW 216

  • SDHC card errors for newer cards resolved

Changes for SW 215 - important update for WTE/Box users

  • WTE/Box: If a SMS can not be sent a check for a card error is done and no logfile entry is written
  • WTE/Box: Raised Timeout for sending SMS
  • WTE/Box: If the 65535 files limit is reached no testsignal is played
  • Smaller changes

Changes for SW 214

  • Important for box extension: critical error when writing logfile resolved
  • Logfile now logs WBX instead of WKA when run with box extension
  • no invalid start/stop times for first start
  • Smaller errors resolved

Changes for SW 213

  • Card errors: Message now asks to remove card
  • Card errors: SMS is sent (with WKA/Box)
  • Overwriting of critical frequency > 18 kHz at start resolved
  • Smaller errors resolved

Changes for SW 212

  • Communication with Box extension

Show changes up to SW 211

  • Support for 32 GB SDHC cards
  • Improved battery display
  • New character for filecode: _
  • Critical frequencies above 100 kHz possible
  • Display improvements
  • AUTO+TIMER can be activated on PowerOn + REC
  • Auto-Mode triggering improved
  • SIM cards without PIN can be used now
  • Improved microphone test for WKA/Box
  • logfile improvements
  • Better handling of SDHC card errors

batcorder 1.1

  • batcorder 1.1 (2007, 2008): Update auf Version 111
  • Update with Windows PC with batcorder SW Version 105 or higher
  • Update with Apple Mac with batcorder SW Version 106 or higher
  • MD5 hash of file UPDAT111.BIN: 259059abed0d7d39f81f37c67bf4ef1b
  • Changes until SW 111
    • support for 16 / 32 GB SDHC cards
    • AUTO mode improved
    • Smaller changes


Please drop us a line at info @ if you have questions.

Make sure to use the appropriate update file corresponding to the batcorder version, thus 1.x, 2.x or 3.x.. Using another update file may render your batcorder useless or even destroy the hardware beyond repair!