Remote data access for wind turbines. Download recordings from the nacelle using a LAN, WLAN or even landline connection.

Established technology in a new outfit

The GSM-batcorder is based on the succesfull batcorder 3.1 and includes all the features of the wind turbine extensions control module. Thus it includes SMS messaging as well as microphone testing. You'll get an established and well proven technology in a new design. In addition it features an USB connection that allows dat access while the batcorder is not in scanning mode. Connect the GSM-batcorder with a computer and download data automatically or remotely.

Einsatz des GSM batcorders in einer WKA-Gondel mit Netzwerk

Automatic data backup and remote access

Utilizing an USB connector the GSM-batcorder can be connected to any computer. We have a simple script-based backup system running on a Raspberry Pi as a starting sample for you. This automatically backups newly recorded bat sounds on an external memory connected to the Raspberry Pi using rsync. Practically that is a USB memory stick with capacities of 128 GB or more. If the Raspberry is connected to the internet a status message is sent daily as well informing about successful backup and the backup available space. Note, this is only a sample project, not intended for real use without stability tests and necessary adaptions. We ourself do not offer a working solution and can't give support.

Einsatz des GSM batcorders in einer WKA-Gondel mit Netzwerk

For remote access the Raspberry Pi must be connected to the internet (fixed IP at the router) and the turbine internet router needs to forward a port to the Raspberry for SSH. That has to be established by the turbine owner. If setup correctly you can connect via SFTP and download recordings to your office.

Bat surveys at lofty height

Windkraft und Natur

Wind energy plays a crucial role in sustainable energy generation. In perspective to planning the deployment location the conflict of wind energy and bat mortality has to be considered. In Germany a standardized monitoring concept was worked on at universities Hannover and Erlangen-Nuernberg. In this study up to 90 batcorders were installed in wind turbine nacelles (alltogether 13000 nights of sampling).

batcorder Mikrofon an der WKA Gondel

Supplied with the extension comes a special plastic disc in which the microphone is embedded in (boundary microphone). This disc was specifically developed for the batcorder. Its properties are as far as possible identical to the disc used in the above mentioned project. Thus, data collected with the batcorder extension can be compared to the project data if the batcorder uses the same settings. The disc is inserted directly into the gondola through a drill hole with a diameter of 10cm.


The first batch is produced and delivery started.

Current firmware


Data backup and remote access

The following information is provided as-is and only intended to work as an example. For production use please modify as necessary. Note we cannot give support on the script. If you want a ready made solution, you may want to look into Batlink.

Detection range

A simplified figure:

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