Small, good price, reduced to the minimum: Mini batcorder

The shrink'ed batcorder

The Mini-batcorder is a cost-efficient, small and rather simple solution for automated detection and recording of bats. The Mini-batcorder is reduced to the absolute necessary for that task. It therefore is especially well suited for conservation by NGOs, but also for use at locations with high frequency of passers by and thus possible thefts. For high compatibility files can optionally be stored as Windows Wave instead of batcorder RAW files.

Mini-batcorder with casing and micro

Technical specifications

The Mini-batcorder comes without display - the first and most obvious difference to the normal batcorder. It has a single key to turn it on or off. LEDs indicate battery status, available space for recordings and clock or gps coverage. GPS will be turned off after successful acquisition of a position to save power. All settings can be adjusted using a free supplied software for your Mac and for Windows. To download data as well as to charge the battery you use a standard USB connection. In addition you can supply power using a USB powerbank to prolong its standard runtime of two days.


For changing the Mini-batcorder settings it has to be connected to a computer. The actual setup is done using either our free Mac software or our free Windows software.

Mac und Windows Software für den Mini-batcorder

Tech specs

  • 125x60x30mm w/o mic
  • 130mm mic length
  • internal 64 GB SDXC card
  • internal LiIon-battery for ca. 2 days use
  • internal GPS-receiver for clock and position
mini batcorder Dimensionen