Manual control of identification results. Management and analysis of your recordings. Cooperation in consulting. Bioacoustics.

Apart from the technology methods and design of a consulting study are very relevant for its reliability and results. We can offer you more than seven years of experience in planning and conducting scientific studies and acoustic surveys on ecology of bats. While we are specialized in acoustic methods we also used mist-netting, roost controls and telemetry in our studies and work. We participated in books and online resources. A call collection resulted from one of these projects.

To give you an even better service we cooperate with various partners. A very close cooperation exists with NycNoc GmbH who does call analysis and study design work for us. NycNoc was founded in 2010 by Ulrich Marckmann, our former partner. For surveys we cooperate with amongst others Dipl.-biol. Burkard Pfeiffer.

Overview of our services

  • Study and survey design
  • Data analysis and mining
  • Conduction of studies (through our partners)
  • Data presentation

Our partners

NycNoc GmbH
Himmelreichstrasse 8
96052 Bamberg, Germany
Tel: + 49 951 1206400
info (at) nycnoc (dot) de
FNB - Büro für Faunistik, Naturschutz und Biostatistik
Burkard Pfeiffer - Dipl.-Biologe (Univ.), Biostatistiker (zertif. IBS)
Brucker Weg 6
91054 Buckenhof, Germany
Tel: +49 9131-814 1489
pfeiffer (at) fnb-web (dot) de