We have Mac software, ...

... but it has no drawbacks.

Our applications are designed and optimized to be used with Apple Mac computers. Windows or Linux versions are not planned.

Windows on a Mac

For Mac only

But For Mac only isn't bad. Do you know that on any modern Intel Macintosh computer Windows runs just as on any Windows PC? Mayn different options like multi-boot (Bootcamp by Apple) or virtualization allow you to integrate Windows apps into Mac OS X.

Virtualization or Bootcamp

Apps like Parallels Desktop, VMWare Fusion (both commercial) or VirtualBox (free) allow you to run Windows in a window or even integrated seamlessly into OS X. Performance and overall handling are hardly different than a regular PC. If you don't need to run Mac OS X and Windows apps simultaneously, you can use Apple's free Bootcamp and either boot Mac OS X or Windows on your Intel Mac.