Find a list of downloads of our software, updates, manuals and more on this page. Note that our software tools run on Mac OS X, only the Mini-batcorder settings tool comes as Mac and Windows version. All our current software versions require Mac OS X 10.12 or newer. Older apps are downwards compatible to 10.9 and 10.7 as noticed per download.


bcAdmin 4

available since 14. November 2019

Release 1.0.32 of bcAdmin 4. Use bcAdmin 4 for 30 days testing free. bcAdmin 4 is the new workhorse for your analysis and reports. Learn more about bcAdmin 4.

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bcAdmin 3.6.25

available since 28. August 2019

bcAdmin 3.6.25 - for Mac OS X 10.10 or newer. This version runs for 30 days in trial mode with full functionality. From then on a license is necessary to use the application. To start the application you have to adjust the security settings momentarily Minimum operating system version is OS X 10.10. Please note: From 2019 on bcAdmin 4 will supersede bcAdmin 3. bcAdmin 3 will be out of development at end of 2019.

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batIdent 1.5

available since 10. April 2013

batIdent inkl. R3.0.0 für Mac OS X ab 10.7; dies ist der empfohlene Download!

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bcAnalyze 3.0 Pro

available in the Mac App Store

Analyse calls, create sonograms, spectra and more.

bcAnalyze 3.0 Pro Standalone/Trial

available since 29. August 2019

bcAnalyze 3 Pro Standalone 1.3.6 - Analyse your bat call recordings using sonagrams or call overlays. This version can be used for up to 15 days as trial without a license. After the trial period please either buy a license directly by us or through the MacAppStore. The application requires Mac OS 10.10 or newer.

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bcAnalyze 2.0 f. OS X 10.10 und neuer

available since 27. October 2015

Sollten Sie bcAnalyze 2 unter OS X 10.10 oder 10.11 verwenden und Abstürze im Sonagramm erhalten, können Sie diese alternative Version verwenden.

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Mini-batcorder Mac 2.0

available since 15. March 2019

Use this free software to adjust settings of your Mini-batcorder. Includes features from firmware 1.08

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Mini-batcorder Windows V1_04_10

available since 30. September 2019

Adjust the settings of your Mini-batcorder - compatible to firmware version 108

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available since 16. October 2015

Programm zur Erstellung einer Jahreszeitlichen Aktivitätsgrafik basierend auf CSVDaten aus der Horchbox-Auswertung.

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available since 16. October 2015

bcStreamAnalyzer zum Auslesen defekter SDHC-Karten. Liest die Karte als Datenstrom und sucht Sektorweise nach Rufen.

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Download older versions. Note we do not support those anymore, they are here for legacy reasons.

Show older versions

bcAdmin 3.5.6

available since 25. July 2018

Legacy version bcAdmin 3.5.6 for Mac OS X 10.7 to 10.9 . The application runs for 30 days with all features in trial mode. From the on a license is necessary. If you are running Mc OS X 10.10 or newer, please use the most current version.

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bcAnalyze 2.0

available since 9. March 2012

Legacy download of full version. Running for 30 days in trial mode with all features. Used for manual call analysis of raw and wave files.

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bcAnalyze Standard Version 1.16

available since 7. March 2011

Legacy download for manual sound analysis. Works with raw and wave files. 30 day trial mode, for further use a license is necessary.

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batIdent Installer

available since 2. March 2010

Old version for Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6. Please use this version with R 2.15.0!

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bcAdmin 2.2 Installer

available since 12. April 2012

Full version including a 30 days trial mode. After 30 days testing a valid license key is needed. bcAdmin 2 is not supported anymore and listed for legacy reasons only.

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KML-Import-Plugin für bcAdmin 2.0

available since 12. September 2018

Import von KML Daten als Standorte in bcAdmin 2 - kostenlos

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Geo Plugin für bcAdmin 2.0

available since 20. August 2012

Geo Plugin zur Georeferenzierung von Aufnahmen. Diese Version kann mit Einschränkungen auch ohne Lizenz getestet werden.

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WKA-Plugin für bcAdmin 2.0

available since 6. December 2012

WKA-Plugin zur Auswertung von Gondelmonitoring-Daten. Nur mit gültiger Lizenz verwendbar.

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bcAdmin Manual 3.0

available since 8. August 2014

Manual for bcAdmin 3.6.x

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bcAnalyze 3 Manual

available since 15. March 2019

Manual for bcAnalyze 3

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bcAnalyze 2 Manual

available since 12. September 2018

Anleitung zum Programm bcAnalyze 2.0

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batIdent Manual 1.0

available since 13. July 2013

Manual for application batIdent

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batcorder Manual 3.1

available since 22. December 2015

Manual for batcorder version 3.1

MD5 hash of the file batcorder-Manual-311.pdf:

batcorder Manual 3.0

available since 13. May 2013

manual for batcorder 3.0

MD5 hash of the file batcorder-Manual-300.pdf:

Manual for GSM-batcorder

available since 11. March 2019

Installation and usage of the GSM-batcorder - Manual 1.0

MD5 hash of the file GSM-BC-manual-english-1_0.pdf:

wind turbine extension version 3.0

available since 30. September 2016

Most current manual for the wind turbine extension 3.0 for batcorder 2/3

MD5 hash of the file WKA-3_0.pdf:

Box extension version 3.0

available since 6. September 2016

Most current manual version for the box extension for batcorder 2 and 3

MD5 hash of the file WBX_3_0_en.pdf:

Mini-batcorder Manual

available since 19. March 2019

Quickguide to the Mini-batcorder

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FAQs and other

HowTo "Automatic bat call analysis with the batcorder system"

available since 23. June 2010

Helps to interpret the results of batIdent and explains some of the statistical background

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Example recordings

  • Variation of the calls of native bat species

    available since 4. June 2018

    The example of recordings of native species shows the variations of the calls. The recordings are edited in such a way that typical calls without the typical call spacing are provided as time-delayed calls (10-fold stretch). They can thus be viewed with any software.

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  • Example recordings for the test of our software

    available since 15. January 2010

    Download two nights with batcorder 1 shots from the beautiful northern Bavaria and try out our software.

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