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Application Areas

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* For using the batcorder 3 with box or wind turbine extension a reduced version at lower price is available. This does not contain the pole microphone, battery pack and corder case, all of which are only needed for usage without extensions.

Which hardware is best for me?

The above overview should already narrow down the choices you have to make. To further help you understand the differences of our solutions we will give a detailed overview of these. Each system allows to record bat calls at high quality. Each of the devices is tailored to fulfill certain tasks best.

Runtime – power supply

On main difference of the various batcorder solutions is runtime – mainly limited by the power supply. For single or few nights of usage, power supply usually doesn’t play that much a major role. Either choose the Mini-batcorder or the batcorder 3.

Do you plan to assess activity at single locations for multiple nights or different locations in quick succession, the normal batcorder 3 is your choice for power and mobility. It manages to record activity in Timer-mode for 5 to 7 nights with its built-battery or 15 to 20 days with the standard external battery (included). While the Mini-batcorder can be equipped with a power bank for longer runtimes, it lacks the timer mode as well as the robustness of the batcorder 3.

Modern requirements often include long-term monitoring. Detectors need to run in the field for weeks or even months. Power, and weather, both play crucial roles in two well a device can be used. We offer a box solution for GSM-batcorder as well as the batcorder 3, both can be powered by using the solar panel for charging the supplied  battery. If main power supply is available – as for example in a wind-turbine – the GSM-batcorder with the possibility to remotely access data is the optimal solution.


Vergleich der Laufzeiten unserer Hardware

Storage space for recordings

If used for a single or only a few nights, usually not more than a few 100 MBytes are recorded. Storage is not a concern. Any of our devices will be bale to cope with this. If the device is used for longer periods of time, the normal batcorder as well as the GSM-batcorder both are superior to the Mini-batcorder. The latter doesn’t has an exchangeable memory. The both other devices use an SDHC or SDXC card that is easily accessed and swapped.

Deployment in the field

One solution that is always easy to deploy, wherever you are, is the batcorder 3. It comes not only in a robust aluminum casing but also in an additional corder case for additional protection. The case has an eyelet so it can easily be fixed to most structures available. The long-term monitoring solutions either housed in the box extensions or in a wind turbine nacelle all come with the necessary fixation stuff. So usually you will not need to hassle and get things done yourself. Only the Mini-batcorder comes, as the name suggests, without fixation or covers.

Data analysis

All devices record bat calls at 500 kHz samplerate with 16 bit and low SNR, or simple. best quality. The timer as well as the echo absorbing cover the batcorder 3 offers optimal data for automated analysis by bcAdmin. Sessions are automatically created per sampling night and recordings are copied to disk. The same is true for the GSM-batcorder. Note that the Mini-batcorder is the only device that has no accurate calibration but normally around +- 3 dB deviation. The other devices and microphones are all accurately calibrated.

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