Software overview

Comparison of our software tools

batIdentbcAnalyze 3bcAdmin 4.0
PricefreeAppStore Light - Pro
Standalone 333€
from 175€
System requirements (minimal/recommended)
OS X version10.9+10.15+10.15+
RAM4 GB / 8 GB
Screen res1280x800
Hard discDepending on recording numbers. Larger is better
man. call measuring

auto. call measuring

Pro: batch mode

batch mode
Call display



, single calls

Recording database


Species identification
RAW (batcorder)

WAVE (mono)

WAVE (stereo)

WAVE (batsound)


System requirements

The requirements regarding your Mac to use our software are rather low, since we highly optimized our applications. Thus also beginner Macs are sufficient to run our software. They should run at least Mac OS X 10.12. Main memory should be 4 GB, better is 8 GB or more GB. One thing you can never have enough is hard disk space. Yet you can easily store recordings on external disks (Mac formatted) connected via the ultrafast Thunderbolt or USB 3. That way even data amounts of multiple hundred GB per year are no problem to store.

Is there a Mac we do recommend?

A good intro model is the Mac mini or, yet more pricey the 21.5″ iMac as desktop computers both. For mobile use either a 15″ MacBook Pro or any 13″ MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro can be used.

iPhone OS Geräte are not compatible to our software, so no iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad. We also highly discourage to sue virtualization tools for running Mac OS X on a Windows PC. There will be no adequate graphics support and thus unexpected runtime behavior.

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