Save defective SD cards

bcStreamAnalyzer reads a data stream, usually an image file created from an SDHC-card. It scans for bat calls and extracts a file per sequence of calls. That way you can save data from defective SDHC cards. The card has to recognized at least once by your computer to create a disk image. Also note that the card must have been empty and zeroed. If the card was used continuously older calls may be found and saved. bcStreamAnalyzer runs on OS X 10.7 or newer.

Saving data

bcStreamAnalyze reads sector by sector either directly from the card or from a disk image. we recommend the latter, since using a disk image will keep your card safe for possible further recovery tools. After setting the parameters the sectors are read and a call finder algorithm is run on the data.

Benutzeroberfläche von bcStreamAnalyzer

1. Choose data source

Please choose as first step the sd card or disk image file that will be read and analyzed.

2. run time options

Choose an offset in blocks at which the analysis starts. The refresh time defines how often a new block is read. If you plan to do a visual control we recommend 200 or 400ms. Choose if you want to save all found call sequences or if you want to manually store these.

Filename specifics

The filename stores not only the given filecode but also the position in percent at which part of the image or card the sequence was found. That helps to identify the temporal pattern of activity. If a box or wind extension was used, you may be able to differentiate each day using the microphone test signal.


available since 16. October 2015

bcStreamAnalyzer zum Auslesen defekter SDHC-Karten. Liest die Karte als Datenstrom und sucht Sektorweise nach Rufen.

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