We usually sell to business clients only, thus the prices are listed without VAT. For EU customers we need an international tax identification number (VAT-ID) to exclude german VAT. International clients should not need to worry about VAT. We may check if export to your country has any special regulations and thus may need to find appropriate delivery terms. All prices and descriptions are subject to change and listed in EURO €. Please bear in mind that transport costs for secured transport via DHL or UPS are added to the final price.
For orders from Poland, please refer to Ecotone. All orders from the UK/Ireland must be placed via NHBS. We also have a distributor for the Netherlands and Belgium and recommend to get your equipment directly at Veldshop if you reside in one of these two countries. French customers please get your batcorder and tools from Wildcare. Thank you.

Repair necessary or sending back gear to us?

If you need to send back any of your gear we kindly ask to fill a Return form and add it to the package. That helps us to improve return time. Please note our new address starting 01.10.2017 is Hermann-Kolb-Str.35b, 90475 Nürnberg, Germany.

Packages form non EU countries special procedures need to be complied to: Return from non EU country . Please comply to the these to avoid unnecessary delays or costs due to customs and tax if regulations are not fulfilled. We have to charge these costs to you.

We charge 50,00 EUR cleaning fee if the microphone pole of batcorder 3 is not free of attachments or similar. Only the MCF sticker applied by us should be left untouched.

Last update: July 2022


Product descriptionNet-value (EUR)
batcorder 3.1 Order#0001 - Show details2.960,00 EUR
batcorder 3.1 for use with box / windturbine extension Order#00012 - Show details2.600,00 EUR
GSM-batcorder nacelle set Order#00061 - Show details3.600,00 EUR
Nacelle set without GSM-batcorder Order#00061-2 - Show detailson request
GSM-batcorder box set Order#00062 - Show details3.800,00 EUR
Box set without GSM-batcorder Order#00062-2 - Show detailson request
GSM-batcorder mast set Order#00063 - Show details3.850,00 EUR
Mast set without GSM-batcorder Order#00063-2 - Show detailson request
Mini-batcorder Order#0007 - Show detailsnot available
Apodemus Batlure Order#881 - Show detailson request
Apodemus Batcounter large Order#882 - Show detailson request
Apodemus Batcounter small Order#883 - Show detailson request


Product descriptionNet-value (EUR)
Note: due to the new batcorder 3 microphone connector disc microphones cannot be exchanged between batcorder 2 and 3. Thus, when ordering an extension explicitely state the batcorder version you are using it with.
Box set with extension 4.0 (without solar panel) Order#0004 - Show details1.690,00 EUR
Box set without Extension 4.0 (without solar panel) Order#00041 - Show detailson request
Nacelle set with Extension 4.0 Order#0003 - Show details1.550,00 EUR
Nacelle set without Extension 4.0 Order#00031 - Show detailson request
Extension 4.0 single Order#0002 - Show details1.100,00 EUR
Individual configuration of the box extension possible on request.

Accessories and replacements

Product descriptionNet-value (EUR)
Solar panel for box set Order#0005 - Show details120,00 EUR
Large lead-gel battery for extensions Order#0034 - Show details30,00 EUR
Small lead-gel battery for extensions Order#0035 - Show details20,00 EUR
Battery cable for extensions Order#0022 - Show details30,00 EUR
Battery cable for GSM-batcorder Order#0023 - Show details30,00 EUR
Power cable Order#0020 - Show details35,00 EUR
Charging cable for batcorder and standard battery pack Order#0021 - Show details20,00 EUR
6V cable for batcorder 2.0 to 3.x Order#0024 6V - Show details45,00 EUR
Car / Pasture fence battery cable for GSM-batcorder Order#0023 12V/9V - Show details45,00 EUR
Car / Pasture fence battery cable for extension control module Order#0022 12V/9V - Show details45,00 EUR
12V car / cattle fence battery cable (only for bc 3.1) Order#0025 12V - Show details45,00 EUR
Wind turbine attachment kit for batcorder 3.x & Extension Order#0010 - Show details90,00 EUR
Wind turbine attachment kit for GSM-batcorder Order#0011 - Show details42,00 EUR
Upgrade kit for batcorder 3.x Order#015 - Show details410,00 EUR
Power supply 12V Order#0030 - Show details24,00 EUR
Standard battery pack for batcorder, NiMH, 6V 2.1 Ah Order#0033 - Show details150,00 EUR
Antenna for GSM-batcorder or extensions Order#0031 - Show details15,00 EUR
Pole microphone for batcorder 3.x Order#0040 - Show details190,00 EUR
Pole microphone for batcorder 1.0 & 2.0 Order#0042 - Show detailson request
Pole microphone for Mini-batcorder Order#0041 - Show detailson request
Disc microphone for batcorder 3.x - Yellow Order#0046 - Show details320,00 EUR
Disc microphone for GSM-batcorder - Green Order#0047 - Show details320,00 EUR
Disc microphone for batcorder 2.0 - Red Order#0045 - Show detailson request
Mast microphone - replacement (reduced) Order#0043 - Show details340,00 EUR
Mast microphone - replacement (complete) Order#0044 - Show details375,00 EUR
Cordura-case for batcorder Order#0037 40,00 EUR
Cordura-case for standard battery pack Order#003820,00 EUR
Echoabsorber Order#0036 - Show details15,00 EUR
Transport case for batcorder 3.x Order#0039 bc - Show details35,00 EUR
Transport cover for GSM-batcorder Order#0039 gsm - Show details7,00 EUR
Transport case for Mini-batcorder Order#0039 mini - Show details15,00 EUR
Ground spike (Rasendorn) Order#0050 - Show details19,00 EUR
Rubber ring Order#0051 - Show details3,00 EUR
Dust protection cap Order#0052 - Show details10,00 EUR
Mounting bracket Order#0053- Show details8,00 EUR
Buffer (1 piece) Order#0054 - Show details15,00 EUR
Top-hat rail short Order#0055 short - Show details4,00 EUR
Top-hat rail long Order#0055 long - Show details4,00 EUR
Mast clamps Order#0056 - Show details22,00 EUR
Plexiglas battery compartment Order#0057 - Show details18,00 EUR
Plexiglas back panel Order#00571 - Show details24,00 EUR
Plexiglas U-bracket Order#00572 - Show details14,00 EUR
Plexiglas solar panel holder Order#00573 - Show details12,00 EUR
Foam ring Order#0058 - Show details15,00 EUR
Protection box "Extension" (empty) Order#0012 - Show details240,00 EUR
Protection box "GSM" (empty) Order#0013 - Show details240,00 EUR
Schutzbox "Mast" (empty) Order#0014 - Show details240,00 EUR

Apodemus accessories

Product descriptionNet-value (EUR)
Batlure external speaker Order#0885 - Show detailson request
BatLure Powerkit Order#0884 - Show detailson request
BatCounter Powerkit Order#0886 - Show detailson request
BatLure Spinner Order#0887 - Show detailson request
Camera connecting cabel Order#0888 - Show detailson request

Batcorder maintenance

Product descriptionNet-value (EUR)
Microphone test - Show details25,00 EUR
Pole microphone-recalibration batcorder 2.0/3.x - Show details20,00 EUR
Pole microphone-recalibration batcorder 1.x - Show details30,00 EUR
Disc microphone-recalibration - Show details30,00 EUR
Mast microphone-recalibration - Show details30,00 EUR
Microphone capsule replacement - Show details55,00 EUR
Foamring replacement - Show details25,00 EUR
Cleaning pole microphone - Show details50,00 EUR
batcorder maintenance - Show details75,00 EUR / hour
Battery cell exchange for external battery - Show details48,00 EUR
Battery cell exchange for batcorder 3.x / Mini-batcorder - Show details72,00 EUR


Product descriptionNet-value (EUR)
Usually we charge each started half-hour for contracts based on work hours. We may switch to a daily rate of 750€ for more time consuming tasks. Please ask for a quote if you have special software wishes.
Call analysis - Show details
Call analysis, manual - Show details100,00 EUR / hour
First-level support - Show details70,00 EUR / hour
Consulting - Show details100,00 EUR / hour
Technical adaptions - Show details100,00 EUR / hour


Product descriptionNet-value (EUR)
bcAdmin 4.0 Annual license for batcorder-customers - Show details225,00 EUR
bcAdmin 4.0 Additional annual licence - Show details175,00 EUR
bcAdmin 4.0 Annual license for Non-batcorder-customers - Show details1000,00 EUR
bcAnalyze 4 - Show detailsAppStore
batIdent - Show detailsopen-source

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