Monitor bats at wind turbines

Today long-term monitorings are being setup at a regular basis - roughly 2500 to 3000  batcorders used per year - remote data access is an often requested  feature. While the batcorder 3 due to technical limitations is not able to be setup in such a way, the GSM-batcorder offers recorded files via an USB interface. That way a connected device can access all recordings whenever the GSM-batcorder is not actively scanning for bat calls. For this you need to connect a computer to the USB port of the GSM-batcorder and implement features for remote access or cloud storage. Even simpler, use an existing system designed by experts, like the Bat Link.

Established technology in a new form

The GSM-batcorder is based on the batcorder 3.1.. In addition it already contains the control unit of the wind turbine extension. Thus, the GSM-batcorder can not only directly send the daily status message per SMS, but can also be programmed using SMS commands. Just message and it will obey. Used first in 2017 it has established a new way of monitoring bats at wind turbines.

It also features an USB port to connect a computer. This again allows for a multitude of usage scenarios - most prominent the remote data access. Connect the GSM-batcorder to a computer and bring your data anywhere.

Monitor at lower blade tip

The GSM-batcorder can be equipped in such a way that it allows monitoring at height of lower blade tip from within the turbine mast. This is especially useful when working at modern turbines with large rotor diameters thus allowing inly partial acoustic detection from the nacelle. With our mast microphone, the first of its kind, you can easily monitor from within the mast. Of course, a small whole needs to be drilled.

Remote data access

Utilizing an USB connector the GSM-batcorder can be connected to any computer. Using the well established solution of Laborelec ( contact via ) remote access is super simple. It just uploads and stores your data in a secure cloud. Furthermore various services like installation and maintenance is available - saves your time and money.

Nevertheless we know there are always those who want to built their own system - often because such challenges have to be taken. For those we have an example script system based on a Raspberry Pi. The sources are hosted on Github. The script does a daily backup using rsync on a connected storage medium. If networking is available it also sends an email about success or failures.

Please note, that we do not offer support or active development of this system. It is considered to be a starting point for those who want to go this way. It should be used on this basis.


The firmware of the GSM-batcorder is under continuous development and updates are available on a regular base. We recommend to update your devices to the most current version. The updates are available on an extra page.

Overview GSM-batcorder and RaspberryPi

verfügbar seit 25. Januar 2017

Short overview of a sample RaspberryPi solution - the overview is currently only available in German. If you have questions please contact us.

MD5 hash der Datei GSM-bc_RPi.pdf:



verfügbar seit 12. Oktober 2018

Flowchart of the RaspberryPi script

MD5 hash der Datei Skript-Schema.pdf:

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