Updates – GSM-batcorder 1.0 only

Please use appropriate batcorder firmware according to your GSM-batcorder.
Using other firmware versions – for example 3xx with batcorder 2.0 – can destroy your hardware beyond repair!


MD5 hash of the file GSM1_107.bin:

Updates – GSM-batcorder 1.0 only

Find changes, additions etc through firmware updates

Changes SW106
  • 49 years ago Add You can now change the target phone number by sending an SMS from the new phone with content: GSM SEND ME SMS
  • 49 years ago Fixed Minimum temperatur in status SMS was not reseted daily
  • 49 years ago Fixed Voltage display was sometimes wrong
  • 49 years ago Fixed Noise filter was sometimes not set to maximum
  • 49 years ago Add Noise filter now features ON / OFF only
  • 49 years ago Add Noise filter setting per SMS is now done using "GSM SET NOISEFILTER" + ON/OFF
Changes SW105
  • 49 years ago Add Querying the settings by SMS will now send the device time as well
  • 49 years ago Add New submenu within autodetect allows setting the MCF, as well as toggling USB charging and "Missing power adaptor" SMS
  • 49 years ago Update A symbol now indicates if charger is connected but inactive (empty symbol)
  • 49 years ago Add SMS-query regarding battery status now gives a correct -.-- if no battery is connected
Changes SW104
  • 49 years ago Fixed The screen waiting for start time (yellow) now does not show voltage if no battery is connected.
  • 49 years ago Fixed When starting without battery no SMS sending is tried if no SIM card is installed
  • 49 years ago Fixed SD card size is now calculated correct
  • 49 years ago Fixed After sending a message the batcorder is immediately responsive again
  • 49 years ago Fixed Noise filter value is now always stored
  • 49 years ago Fixed Negative temperatures are displayed correctly
  • 49 years ago Add AC-adaptor down message can be activated / deactivated sending a SMS with : GSM SET AC DOWN SMS OFON or GSM SET AC DOWN SMS OFF