Updates – GSM-batcorder 1.0 only

Please use appropriate batcorder firmware according to your GSM-batcorder.
Using other firmware versions – for example 3xx with batcorder 2.0 – can destroy your hardware beyond repair!


MD5 hash of the file GSM1_121.bin:

Updates – GSM-batcorder 1.0 only

Find changes, additions etc through firmware updates

Changes to SW112 to 114
  • 54 years ago Add New SIM return "Access denied" will get handled
  • 54 years ago Fixed When USB is activated while the batcorder sleeps the timer ode could be disturbed
  • 54 years ago Add added support for new GSM-batcorder 1.0-4G
  • 54 years ago Add status SMS now without character limitation
  • 54 years ago Add SMS now with date/time of sending
  • 54 years ago Add hardware version added to SMS
  • 54 years ago Add Repair of some sd errors in FAT table
Changes SW121
  • 54 years ago Update Smaller optimisations
Changes SW118
  • 54 years ago Update Stability update
Changes SW117
  • 54 years ago Update Stability update
Changes SW115
  • 54 years ago Fixed If run without 12V power supply a loss of USB power can cause an SD card error
  • 54 years ago Add Improved handling of USB on/off when run without 12V power supply
Changes SW111
  • 54 years ago Fixed Last ten-digit of prepaid amount was sometimes cut in SMS
Changes SW110
  • 54 years ago Add Removed SD card recognised in 10 minute counter
  • 54 years ago Add Sendung wrong filter parameters will result in correct SMS now
  • 54 years ago Add Firmware recognises hardware revision starting with SN900
  • 54 years ago Add Improved logfile readability
Changes SW109
  • 4 years ago Fixed Charging of external batteries via USB sometimes didn't work properly
  • 4 years ago Fixed If the sd-card was removed in timer active mode while a RPi was connected, a new start was necessary to recognise the card again
  • 4 years ago Add Prepaid cards of Vodafone & Telekom show prepaid amount
  • 4 years ago Add Reduction of display lightning to prolong runtime
  • 4 years ago Add Logfile now gets timestamp of last change
  • 4 years ago Update Battery voltage measurement when sending the daily SMS is improved
  • 4 years ago Update Logfile entry when timer stops due to missing microphone was improved
Changes SW108
  • 5 years ago Add After an unintentional hardware reset timer is activated again. The logfile contains an entry: "Timer restart after unintentional hardware reset."
  • 5 years ago Update The SMS “TIMER MANUALLY TURNED OFF” is now sent with date and time.
  • 5 years ago Add If on screen menu is chosen to diable a running timer, an SMS is sent noting manual turn off.
  • 5 years ago Fixed If in mode "Waiting for timer" (yellow screen) a connected USB device powers down, the batcorder will not enter unpredictable behaviour.
  • 54 years ago Add New SMS-command: "GSM ACTIVATE TIMER". This activates the timer if the batcorder is waiting in settings screen.
  • 5 years ago Fixed Various other bug fixes
Changes SW107
  • 6 years ago Update Simplified changing SD card while the device is waiting in timer mode. The card can be swapped and will be automatically formatted. An SMS is sent with content "SD CARD REMOVED". If the device is then turned off, a second SMS is sent with "batcorder has been turned off manually" or "Timer manually turned off" respectively.
  • 6 years ago Update Inland roaming SIM card supported now
  • 6 years ago Add New SMS command for starting TSL value calibration: "GSM CALIB TSL". If the device has access to the logfile, it adds an entry as well.
  • 6 years ago Update Logfile entry at timer end if no 12V main power supply is available was changed to ""No 12V supply found. BC switches into....." for solar / battery only use.
  • 6 years ago Add If timer start is cancelled due to too low TSL value or missing microphone, the logfile now states "TIMER START ABORTED DUE TO MISSING OR LOW TSL!"
  • 6 years ago Fixed If PUK is needed, a correct message appears on screen now.
  • 6 years ago Fixed The status SMS is now correct if no sd card is inserted or the USB port is active.
Changes SW106
  • 54 years ago Add You can now change the target phone number by sending an SMS from the new phone with content: GSM SEND ME SMS
  • 54 years ago Fixed Minimum temperatur in status SMS was not reseted daily
  • 54 years ago Fixed Voltage display was sometimes wrong
  • 54 years ago Fixed Noise filter was sometimes not set to maximum
  • 54 years ago Add Noise filter now features ON / OFF only
  • 54 years ago Add Noise filter setting per SMS is now done using "GSM SET NOISEFILTER" + ON/OFF
Changes SW105
  • 54 years ago Add Querying the settings by SMS will now send the device time as well
  • 54 years ago Add New submenu within autodetect allows setting the MCF, as well as toggling USB charging and "Missing power adaptor" SMS
  • 54 years ago Update A symbol now indicates if charger is connected but inactive (empty symbol)
  • 54 years ago Add SMS-query regarding battery status now gives a correct -.-- if no battery is connected
Changes SW104
  • 54 years ago Fixed The screen waiting for start time (yellow) now does not show voltage if no battery is connected.
  • 54 years ago Fixed When starting without battery no SMS sending is tried if no SIM card is installed
  • 54 years ago Fixed SD card size is now calculated correct
  • 54 years ago Fixed After sending a message the batcorder is immediately responsive again
  • 54 years ago Fixed Noise filter value is now always stored
  • 54 years ago Fixed Negative temperatures are displayed correctly
  • 54 years ago Add AC-adaptor down message can be activated / deactivated sending a SMS with : GSM SET AC DOWN SMS OFON or GSM SET AC DOWN SMS OFF