Not only are the technical aspects of detectors used for consulting jobs important for the quality of your work, the actual schemes for field work as well as the analysis of your data define the value of a report. We offer you our more than 20 years of experience detecting bats, analyzing calls and extracting patterns of activity from collected data. Our experiences are based on scientific, consulting as well as NGO projects on European bats. Knowledge is valuable and we have added it to various books on bats and bat acoustics as well (German only).

We do cooperate with various partners like NycNoc GmbH founded by Ulrich Marckmann or with Burkard Pfeiffer.

What we offer

  • design of studies
  • analysis of data
  • presentation of data
  • development of special solution

Some of our partners

NycNoc GmbH

Himmelreichstrasse 8
96052 Bamberg
Tel: 0951 1206400
info (at) nycnoc (dot) de

FNB – Büro für Faunistik, Naturschutz und Biostatistik

Burkard Pfeiffer – Dipl.-Biologe (Univ.), Biostatistiker (zertif. IBS)
Wacholderweg 8
91058 Erlangen
Tel: 09131-53 140 96
pfeiffer (at) fnb-web (point) de

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