Updates – batcorder 2.0 only

Please use appropriate batcorder firmware according to your batcorders 1, 2 or 3.
Using other firmware versions – for example 3xx with batcorder 2.0 – can destroy your hardware beyond repair!


MD5 hash of the file UPDAT222.bin:

Changes – batcorder 2.x only

Find changes, additions etc through firmware updates

Changes SW222
  • 55 years ago Add When used with extension sometimes a wrong sd card size / space was transmitted
Changes SW221
  • 5 years ago Fixed Cards from other bat corder models are recognized and formatted.
  • 5 years ago Add Cards from exFAT can now be converted to FAt32 instead of showing a FAT-Tab-Error.
  • 5 years ago Add SDXC cards > 64 GB are now recognized
Changes SW219
  • 55 years ago Update Handling of various SDHC card defects
  • 55 years ago Update Improved power management
Changes SW218
  • 55 years ago Add Compatibility of batcorder 2.0 with new extensions (produced 2013)
  • 55 years ago Fixed smaller display errors solved
  • 55 years ago Fixed Improved stability of firmware updates with 32 GB cards
  • 55 years ago Add WKA/WBX: Delay between SMS sending was enlarged to 4 minute after an unsuccessful try.
Changes SW217
  • 55 years ago Fixed Solved data loss when the card was full when used with Box/WTE extension
  • 55 years ago Fixed Solved hang in settings-screen when starting in AUTO+TIMER mode
  • 55 years ago Add Faster scanning of file table at start
  • 55 years ago Add Preliminary support for 64 GB SDXC cards
  • 55 years ago Add file creation time in file table is now per seconds