Play bat sounds in the field

Batlure from Apodemus

The Batlure is a digital device for acoustic luring of bats. It plays sounds up to 100 kHz. You can use real-time recordings as well as time-expanded wave files for replay from SDHC card. The devices automatically recognizes time-delayed files.

Usage scenarios

  • By replaying social or echolocation calls while mist-netting the results can be improved
  • Luring of animals to newly created roosts
  • Localisation of song-roost by replaying courtship songs and looking for answering males
  • Detector training
  • Test of bat detectors

Robust for field usage

The Batlure is housed in a robust aluminum casing and thus optimal for usage in the field. It comes with various fixation points like an eyelet as well as a tripod thread. It is powered either by internal batteries (8xAA) or an external 12V battery.


You automatically get a 3 years extended warranty.

Included accessories

  • Carry-bag with space for accessories
  • Cable for connecting a 12V battery
  • SD card with example calls of M. Barataud and G. Pfalzer


  • External speaker
  • Powerkit

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Batlure accessories

- Allows using various power sources as supply
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