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Price adjustments

Starting from July 2022 we have to adjust our prices. We were able to keep the batcorder price stable for... Read article »

bcAdmin 4 compatibility

Starting with version 1.2.0 our application bcAdmin 4 is compatible to macOS 10.15 or newer. support for older macOS versions... Read article »

GSM-batcorder firmware 115

The GSM-batcorder 1.0 and GSM-batcorder 1.0 4G have a new firmware that improves running the batcorder with USB device connected.... Read article »


Please note that firmware updates for GSM-batcorder batcorder 3.x Updates include compatibility for GSM-batcorder 1.0 4G and the new Extension... Read article »

Testing SD cards

We have created an overview on testing sd cards for defects as well as the optimal usage of sd cards... Read article »

bcAdmin4 licensing

Due to multiple questions we want to clarify the licensing scheme of bcAdmin4 Runtime: bcAdmin4 licenses allow updates and free... Read article »


Just in time before bat season starts, we have updated firmwares for most models. You find change list and update... Read article »

Handbook on acoustic methods

Finally it has arrived – the new handbook on acoustic methods. The reference for all working with bats. Available in... Read article »