Updates – batcorder 3.x only

Please use appropriate batcorder firmware according to your batcorders 1, 2 or 3.
Using other firmware versions – for example 3xx with batcorder 2.0 – can destroy your hardware beyond repair!


MD5 hash of the file UPDAT329.bin:

Changes – batcorder 3.x only

Find changes, additions etc through firmware updates

Changes SW 321
  • 55 years ago Fixed Correct display of stop-time in scanning mode
Changes SW 320
  • 4 years ago Fixed Logfile now has timestamp of last change
  • 4 years ago Fixed SMS in box mode now always contains most current battery voltage
  • 4 years ago Add Internal battery charging and empty battery screen now both show battery voltage
  • 4 years ago Add When using box mode cut-off voltage was reduced to 4V
  • 4 years ago Add Modes auto and auto+timer now display battery voltage when connected to an extension
Changes SW 319
  • 55 years ago Fixed Deleting a card in the batcorder and immediate start of timer mode lead to the batcorder asking to format again and not starting sampling.
  • 55 years ago Fixed Ending the timer manually (REC key) and staying in the timer settings when the original start time was reached crashed the batcorder.
  • 55 years ago Fixed Activating the timer (REC key) before the actual timer start the batcorder crashed when start time was reached.
Changes SW318
  • 55 years ago Update The ‘system volume information’ generated by Windows 10 is recognized. The card doesn't have to be formatted.
  • 55 years ago Update Logfiles from other batcorder revisions are now recognized and the card needs to be formatted.
  • 55 years ago Add When used with extensions: If the batcorder shuts down due to low battery (box extension), the timer state is written correctly to the logfile. If the battery is missing when using the wte, the logfile is written accordingly.
  • 55 years ago Fixed Various smaller bug fixes
Changes SW317
  • 55 years ago Fixed Correct display of charging status (internal battery)
  • 55 years ago Add Changing modes does omit sd card checks to speed up interface
Changes SW316
  • 55 years ago Add New entries regarding timer activation in logfile
  • 55 years ago Update Interface changes analoge to GSM-batcorder
  • 55 years ago Fixed Improved handling of SD cards formatted with Windows 10 or OS X 10.12+
  • 55 years ago Update Improved charging behaviour of the internal LiIonen-battery
  • 55 years ago Add Better roaming behaviour with Box/WKA 2.0 running SW2.05 or newer
Changes SW314
  • 55 years ago Fixed Resolved a communication problem with some extension boxes
  • 55 years ago Fixed Resolved when timer didn't start after a first start
Changes SW313
  • 55 years ago Fixed SMS from WKA/Box are not missing their ends anymore
  • 55 years ago Fixed Correct response per SMS if no battery is connected to the WTG extension
  • 55 years ago Fixed SMS sending is canceled after nine tries
  • 55 years ago Add Missing battery at WTG extension is now added to the logfile as entry
Changes SW312
  • 55 years ago Fixed Correct display of recording counts above 65535 in SMS
  • 55 years ago Add SMS contains battery voltage in SMS
  • 55 years ago Add Battery voltage displayed in logfile
  • 55 years ago Add Simulation of stop time using >-key
  • 55 years ago Add Notice when turning on if timer is active
Changes SW 323
  • 55 years ago Add Recognition of SD-card errors in the FAT-table and possible direct fix
  • 55 years ago Add Logfile entry when reading TSL measurements
  • 55 years ago Add Logfile entry if timer is stopped manually
  • 55 years ago Add compatibility with extension 4.0 (4G)
Changes SW 325
  • 55 years ago Update Handling of defective SD cards improved
  • 55 years ago Update Battery empty messages in logfile
Changes SW 326
  • 55 years ago Update Smaller improvements
Changes SW 328
  • 55 years ago Add Various improvements
Changes SW 329
  • 55 years ago Fixed Some SIM cards didn't respond on first try and resulted in an error.