Light barrier solution by Apodemus for monitoring roosts

Batcounter by Apodemus

The BatCounter is an electronic device developed to use in field applications for counting bats, birds or other small animals passing through its rectangular or square shaped aluminium frame.

The aluminium frame of the BatCounter has had a black anodized surface treatment that protects the BatCounter in the outdoor making it a rugged and reliable partner.


When using the BatCounter for less than two days, you can rely on electrical power via the 8 AA batteries that are in the box. To enable longer runs, hook the BatCounter up to an external battery of 12V using the external power cable that is included.

The BatCounter detects and counts the different passings of bats and stores all the information on the SD Card. Not only will the collected data be available on the SD Card, external communication of this data is possible. Reports stating results and default information can be send by email and or SMS text messages at set intervals. This additional feature will provide you with results without the need to be physically present at the site and it will give the reassurance that the system is operating smoothly on a constant basis.

Simultaneously with detecting bats passing through its frame, the BatCounter is able to trigger your DSLR camera (Nikon or Canon) using an external cable or through infrared signal.

Technical specifications

  • Detection Technique: 32 modulated infrared barrier beams detecting direction
  • Minimum detection size: ≥ 25 mm
  • Frame Size/Weight: 40 x 39 x 7 cm, 2200 g (Tree model)
  • Active detection area: 36 x 35 cm (Tree model)
  • Mounting: 4x M6 eye bolts are supplied to suspend the BatCounter
  • 8x M6 female threads are foreseen for custom mounting
  • Power supply: 8x AA batteries or external 12V (10..16V)
  • Power Consumption: ≤ 40 mA under normal use. (Approx. 3 days on fresh .Varta “High Energy” AA batteries)
  • Memory: SD Card, FAT16 or FAT32, up to 32 GB
  • Configuration: Configuration via file on SD card
  • Field software updates: Via SD Card update files.
  • File formats: CSV or TXT
  • User interface: User interface shows system status. The user interface is protected by a removable aluminium cover
  • Mobile phone functionalities: Warnings: SMS / email
  • Daily totals: SMS / email
  • Daily reports: email
  • An IP67 mobile phone antenna with SMA connector, SIM card and network coverage are required to use this feature
  • Clock: Internal real-time clock
  • Clock Accuracy: }3 min/year (0°C .. +50°C)}6 min/year (-10°C .. +60°C)
  • Clock backup time: More than one year after a full operational period of 24 hours or more (internal clock battery recharge time)
  • Camera trigger: For Nikon and Canon wired with 2.5mm jack and infrared is advised for reliability and speed.
  • Other brands on request.

Included accessories

  • 1 Apodemus BatCounter
  • 1 carrying strap
  • 1 12V power cable
  • 1 Antenna
  • 8 AA batteries
  • 1 SD Card
  • 4 M6 eye bolts

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    Batcounter variant

    - Light barrier for counting bats at roosts
    - Light barrier for counting bats at roosts

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