Identifying bat species using bcAdmin

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bat call analysis and species identification was never that easy

Our software packages bcAdmin, bcAnalyze and batIdent help to identify bat species using recorded echolocation calls in manifold ways. The automatic call finder extracts all calls meeting quality requirements for automated ID with batIdent. Calls and batIdent results are visualized using various tools. The main interface includes an overview of calls for quick control:

Next stop: file browser

The file browser offers a detailed view of the calls including a sonogram display as well as calls from a reference library that can be overlayed on measured calls. An audio player offers audible support either time-delayed or in heterodyne replay:

bcAdmin has further powerful tools: Inspect your call data

Species identification using echolocation calls is a tedious task. Looking at single recordings often takes a lot of time and you miss the bats calling context easily. Thus we offer tools that give you insights into the bat assemblage using various plots. Use a scatter-plot of two selected call parameters and display data of all chosen recordings. Zoom in, select recordings, change colors – using the frequency plot:

Or plot a single frequency parameter of all selected recordings based on recording time to see activity of certain species in context of night time. Again colors can be chosen based on species ID and selections can be made directly from the graph:


bcAdmin 4

available since 28. November 2023

Release 1.3.8 of bcAdmin 4 - needs a license going until 2023 or longer. New users can test bcAdmin 4 for 30 days free of a license. bcAdmin 4 is the new workhorse for your analysis and reports. Learn more about bcAdmin 4.

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Manual for bcAdmin 4

available since 22. September 2023

Please download our preliminary manual for bcAdmin 4 in english. Updated in September 2023

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